I've seen so many baby fruit baths trending on Pinterest, so I was so excited to try one out myself for my daughter's BERRY first birthday. This session was so much fun and the photos turned out so cute.

Unfortunately, Ellis was a bigger fan of the strawberries than she was of the water, so the bath didn't last very long. Thankfully, she's so cute that we only needed a few minutes of cooperation from her to get a few good photos. She also got rewarded in the form of getting to eat several whole strawberries, which she did surprisingly well considering I usually cut them up for her.

For anyone interested in having a fruit bath photo session for their baby, I am offering extremely discounted fruit bath sessions this summer! For only $50, you'll get a mini session and 3 edited images with the option to purchase more. This price also includes the tub pictured below and fruit of your choice. If you're interested in booking a session for your little one, please fill out the contact form on my website.